Our History

Our History (Japanese)

1931 Jirou Chikuma, the founder, started production and sales of Japanese rice cracker in Mikawashima, Tokyo. At that time, the company name was "Chuouken".
1933 New factory was built in Totsuka, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo.
1939 New factory was built in Osaka to expand the business.
1944 Totsuka factory was shut down.
1945 Osaka factory was burned down at World War Two.
1952 Jirou Chikuma established Chuouken Co., Ltd. again as a stock company, and re-start production and sales of Japanese rice crackers in Osaka.
1960 Age-Komaru, a fried rice cracker, was put on the market.
1963 Bonchi-Age was named "Bonchi-Age", and started the sales.
Marketed "Peanuts-Age".
1968 Marketed "Ponsuke".
1969 The company name was changed into "Bonchi Arare Co., Ltd."
Tokyo factory was built to expand business in the east area of Japan.
1975 Tohoku Bonchi Seika Co., Ltd was established in Sagae-shi, Yamagata.
1984 Kobe factory, our main factory, was built and start productions.
The company name was changed into "Bonchi Co., Ltd."
1987 Marketed "Aji-Karuta".
2001 Marketed "Ebi-Agesen".
Certified ISO9001 at Yamagata factory, Tohoku Bonchi Seika Co., Ltd.
2002 The factory, only for Aji-Karuta production, is newly established in Yamagata.
2003 Sep Released "Ganko-Mochi".
2003 Dec Chuo Kougyou Danchi Factory in Yamagata Prefecture (Tohoku Bonchi Seika Co., Ltd) received ISO9001 certification.
2004 Feb Released "Karashi-Mentaiko big fried rice cracker".
2005 Nov Kobe Factory in Hyogo Prefecture and HQ in Osaka Prefecture received ISO9001 certification.
2006 Nov Tokyo Factory in Saitama Prefecture and East Sales Dept. received ISO9001 certification.
2010 50th anniversary since the release of "Bonchi-Age".
2010 Aug Unified both ISO9001 certification of Bonchi Co., Ltd. and Tohoku Bonchi Co., Ltd.
2011 80th anniversary since the establishment of Bonchi Co., Ltd.
2014 4. Feb Entered into a capital and business tie-up with Nissin Foods Holdings Co., Ltd.
2016 29. Jan Bonchi Co., Ltd. becomed a consolidated subsidiary of Nissin Foods Holdings Co., Ltd. to strengthen the partnership.
2016 1. Aug Bonchi Co., Ltd. fully integrated Tohoku Bonchi Co., Ltd.